Marketing and communication platform
based on MR (AR + VR) technology.

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denAR provides the environment and a set of tools enabling businesses to promote their products through augmented and virtual reality, while consumers can interact with content generated by brands and create their own unique experiences that uses (denAR) utility token as a cryptocurrency.

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We’re building a platform that connects perfectly with the Ethereum Blockchain and are building our own mining system based on ERC-20 Protocol with some of our custom improvements. Aside from the amazing AR technology behind the system, we’re building a strong economy support to imitate the rules of the cryptocurrency mining

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The future of AR marketing is here

A brand wants to have their campaign in the chosen area using DenAR application. It chooses the desired area (a place on the map) and select the duration of the campaign. The algorithm based on few factors like – attractiveness of a given location, duration, type of an experience – prepare the evaluation for placing the AR event (1000 DenARs). This amount is then divided into all users that visits a place, which is calculated by the platform algorithm. As in adwords, the budget can be increased after the duration of the campaign. campaign.

DAR token in center of denAR ecosystem

DAR is a modern utility token based on Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 protocol. The utilization strategy of the token will be connected with a developed platform. Our platform will accept DAR as a payment metod within the system. Denar platform will set the price of a token inside the system at the day of platform start and the price will be adjusted if the valuation of the cryptocurrency will go above the provided minimal price. So when the token price will grow exchanges than services inside the system will be adjusted to the current pricing. For example if event placement cost 1000 DAR at starts, when price of the DAR will grow 10 times that the price for event placement will drop to 100 DARs

Why to adopt DAR?

We will build a platform that will be introduced to public building a high demand on the market for limited number of DARs. By adopting the DAR token you will be able to profit based on two major utlization strategies:

Token Utilization

You will be able to spend and earn your DARs inside the application for specified actions.

Token Exchange

Our token will be offered in major exchanges on the market and a high demend build within the ecosystem will take the valuation of the currency to the moon.

Initial coin offering

denAR (DAR)


Ethereum (ETH)

Accepted Payments

1 ETH = 2 500 DAR

Base Rate

1 000 000 000

Total Supply of DAR

Token Sale Structure

Sale Contributors









180 000 000 on sale

  • Start Date: To be announced
  • End Date: To be announced
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 0,02 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 2 500 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 6 000 ETH
Week 1

30 000 DAR for 1 ETH

Week 2

25 500 DAR for 1 ETH

Week 3

22 500 DAR for 1 ETH

Week 4

20 000 DAR for 1 ETH

Token SALE

320 000 000 on sale

  • Start Date: To be announced
  • End Date: To be announced
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 0,05 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 40 000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 80 000 ETH
Week 1

4 000 DAR for 1 ETH

Week 2

3 500 DAR for 1 ETH

Week 3

3 000 DAR for 1 ETH

Week 4

2 500 DAR for 1 ETH

The leading AR/VR company selected by big brands

Experienced team & advisors

Piotr Baczyński

CEO of Immersion

Bartosz Rosłoński

Board of Immersion

Michał Jarecki

Team member
CFO of Immersion

Paul Jastrzębski

Developer releations
at Oculus

Thomas Klodowski

Managing Director at Stewart International

Wojciech Andrzejewski

Owner at WJA
investments LTD

Magnus Jern

Head of Innovation at DMI Chariman at TAPP Water S.L.

Mariusz Jarzebowski

Competitive strategy and new business at Microsoft

Bogusław Kułakowski

T-Mobile Poland

David Putts

Managing Director at BILLON

Piotr Danelski

Blockchain investor and enthusiast

Szymon Piekarz

Blockchain Developer, CEO of TokensGate

Jeff Grady

CEO at Bull Run Advisors

Laurent Uhres

Entrepreneur and Coddiwompler

Zosia Kłudka

Team member

Kinga Demska

Team member